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Ian Tucker, creator of REI Financing training program

Who am I?

Every broker has a unique journey. No matter where you are on that journey, the right expertise and connections can help you reach your goals and create your financial freedom and stability

Nice to meet you

I’m Ian Tucker

It doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that I was working in an industry that was burning me out, both physically and mentally. At that point I had owned and operated bars and restaurants for over a decade, and the stress of working long hours with not much financial rewards, coupled with having virtually no time to spend with my newly-arrived son, was really getting me down. A life pivot and a career change was badly needed.


And so, I entered the world of commercial financing, without having any background or experience in that field. Initially launching Grafton Funding as a brokerage offering all types of commercial loans to businesses, such as real estate financing, unsecured working capital business loans, equipment financing & leasing, SBA loans, factoring, and PO financing, I had a good level of success, closing my first loan in just a few short months from launch and building from there.


I quickly realized however that the path to real success, and to a high level of earnings, was picking a niche and becoming an expert in that niche. Hard Money & DSCR loans for residential investment real estate is that niche.


Fast forward through lots of hard work, lost clients, and lessons learned, I now own and operate one of the most successful REI financing brokerages in the nation, with a reputation for efficiency, honestly, transparency, and professionalism.

Ian Tucker Hard Money & DSCR Loan Broker Coach Mentor
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Are you

A driven individual who wants to be a independent broker earning well over six figures and being able to live life on your terms?

But You Are

Not an expert in how Hard Money and DSCR loans work

Unable to find quality investor clients

Not working with lenders that can offer the best products and the best service

Losing clients to the competition

It is time to make a change and stop letting huge commission opportunities pass you by.

What You Will Get Working With Us

Learn how to find investor clients and keep your pipeline filled

Connect with the best lenders in the market and get set up to work with them

Learn how to analyze a loan application and determine which lender is best suited to the deal

The OPTIONS and SOLUTIONS you need so you never have to lose a client to the competition again

An understanding of deal flow and how to get a loan from start to finish in the most efficient way possible

Access to a private community of like-minded brokers, all helping other achieve success

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You can also reach out to us at
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To your massive success

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