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Create Your Financial Freedom Brokering Hard Money & DSCR Loans And Earn Well Over Six Figures In Commissions

Are You Tired Of…

  • Being overworked and underpaid and not having full control of your life?

  • Not having the in-depth knowledge of the REI financing space and understanding how the loans work?

  • Spending buckets of money on lead generation methods that do not work?

  • Losing clients to the competition because you don’t have the knowledge, tools, resources, and lending partners that your client needs?

  • Struggling to make ends meet while other brokers make well over six figures brokering Hard Money & DSCR loans?”

Ian Tucker, expert broker

Are you ready to build a highly profitable brokerage business in the REI financing space that allows you to live life on your terms?

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The Loan Broker Academy

Our program gives you the knowledge, tools, resources, and lending partners you need to be a super successful broker and an expert in your field, making tens of thousands of dollars every single month


What You’ll Get

Lifetime Access to Ian Tucker and his team for ongoing mentorship, advice, education, and tips - $30,000 value

Lifetime Access to Ian’s Dream Team list of lending partners and account executives - $20,000 value

Lifetime Access to a catalog of tools, resources, documentation and calculators that can be white-labelled for your own use - $5,000 value

Lifetime Access to online training modules, including any and all future updates - $15,000

Lifetime Access to a private community of like-minded brokers all helping each other achieve success - $15,000

….that’s over $85,000 worth of training and support!”

This is for you if…

  • Working for someone else is not your long-term plan and you need a path to get out of the rat race and work for yourself

  • You don’t have the in-depth knowledge you need to be successful in the REI financing space

  • You are tired of losing clients, and commissions, to the competition because you don’t have the options and solutions investors are looking for

  • You’ve worked with lending partners that let you down, resulting in lost clients

  • You’ve listened to a bunch of podcasts, watched YouTube videos, spent hours researching online, but you still haven’t seen the results you desire

  • You know you need a step-by-step plan and experienced mentor to help you avoid mistakes and put you on the right track

  • You know you need some sort of accountability or investment to force you to commit to making your dream happen

Ian Tucker Hard Money & DSCR Loan Broker Coach Mentor

Take control of your future now
and let us see how we can help you!

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