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Hear From Our Graduates

Bill Aubin

In my career to date I have assisted many clients with transactions in commercial real estate, SBAs, working capital, LOC, factoring, etc, but when it came to residential investment properties I was at a loss. I could not communicate what was available and what the process would be, because I did not have the knowledge. I was losing money because I had to co-broker the deal or refer them out to someone else.

This class has taught me everything I needed. I learned about specific loans for different scenarios, with several options to match to different borrowers and situations. I learned so many things about the start-to-finish process. I received tools, resources, calculators, templates, documents, and samples, with everything in multiple formats.

I learned about marketing myself and I am starting a networking group with a sphere of other real estate professionals as I now can contribute to the dialogue and the process.

The commission from just a couple of closed deals has paid for the course. I am now comfortable discussing opportunities and offering solutions and see nothing but a positive trajectory moving forward. Plus, the continuing education offering by providing updates and answering calls when I need assistance are another example of you going above and beyond to ensure that we are successful and our clients win, which in turn makes them repeat clients and referral sources – all because you do what other brokers do not – exceed expectations and make it as painless as possible, and be a consultant to guide and direct.

Check out Ian's discussion with Bill on YouTube - Bill Aubin Interview

James Herbert

Ian Tucker’s program is one of the best trainings I have attended. Ian spent the time and effort to prepare an excellent course. Material was thoroughly thought out and the material was presented in a clear concise manner, stressing quality and communication, which are foundational. The things that could become problems are pointed out so we won’t make the same mistakes he has. Having taken training like this in the past, it seems the trainer is always holding something back, not so with Ian. Lender updates, if any, come out as he said they would. Questions are answered quickly and feedback is also provided as you build your business. Sometimes after a class like this you feel “I could have done that on my own and saved”. Not so much with Ian, he lays it out there, providing value for the student. You could probably do this on your own, however the learning curve is shortened tremendously with this class, you will also have cost avoidance, learning from his mistakes. I have no regrets taking the class and would highly recommend it.

Ilya Moundous

Ian is extremely knowledgeable in the DSCR and Hard Money loan space. Even with limited prior knowledge about mortgage brokering, I was able to start a brokering business and instantly provide value to borrowers and lenders alike. Ian gave me all the tools I need to succeed in this business. Even after the course ends, Ian is there for you as a reliable resource to answer your questions.

Check out Ian's discussion with Ilya on YouTube - Ilya Mondous Interview

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